Thursday, January 10, 2008

Peter Estin Hut Trip

Over the December break I took part in what has become a bit of tradition between my sister and some friends. We skied up to a 10th Mtn hut. The huts are normally very crowded and hard to get into. However on around Christmas one can get into a hut and sometimes even get them fairly empty.

This year we skied to Peter Estin hut. We did the more direct 6 mile ski from Yeoman park trail head. The ski inn was fun with the exception of a scare when Talya lost her camera. Luckily someone brought the camera up to the hut for her. We spent two nights at the hut. On the midday we had some great skiing around the hut. We got at least 6" the first morning and a few more the next day. On the way out we did a run then did the long flat route out. I would strongly reccomend against that route since it is rather flat, even up hill in places.

Our friend Bernhard took some fun pictures of the trip. I reposted them below. Talya took some pictures but those are locked up in Facebook's private garden.

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