Tuesday, May 08, 2007

PVC Tomatoe Cages

Last summer we had difficulty using standard tomato cages. The cages are designed for use in yards with a lot of soil. Our vegetable boxes are only about a foot deep. The cages would not stand up when we needed them most; when they are heavy with fruit. We tried all sorts of things, propping up the cages, tying them to walls. Nothing seemed to do the trick.
This year we decided to try something different. Instead of using individual cages that would flop over we built one big cage over the whole garden. It was fairly cheap, around $30 and I would like to think that it looks good too. As an added bonus it keeps Coltrane out of the garden.
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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fun in Dublin

I recently got to travel to Dublin for the VTC conference. I wrote about the technical aspects of the trip on ebiquity.

I planed to trip to coincide with the start of Jared's trip through Europe. Despited a cold, and hurt feet we managed to have fun on the emerald isle. My advice to other travelers is only spend a couple of days in Dublin. It is a fun town for a few drinks, but I found the countryside much nicer than the city.

I was amazed at how cosmopolitan Dublin is now. It is a very wealthy society now. Now that Dubliners can afford things other than potatoes and carrots, they are eating all sort of things. Almost every restaurant has a juice machine, and the Irish are mad about fresh juice and smoothies.

Pot Rack Published!

Our recycled bike wheel pot rack got published in in ReadyMade. They changed the design slightly so that it does not need an expensive cartridge bearing hub. Unfortunately they gave more page space to a sort of silly bike wheel lazy susan.

The pot rack was in their magazine, not the blog. That is a little more prestigious, however it means that you have to go buy the magazine to see it.