Sunday, July 30, 2006

His favorite new toy

He loves ropes so we got him a tooth cleaning floride infused rope today. Posted by Picasa

Curious at 3 Months

Here is a more recent picture of Coltrane. We did not take near enough puppy pictures. We are trying to play catch up. He has grown a lot in the month that we have had him. We are not measuring his height, but he is almost twice as tall. He went from 15 to 23 lbs. He is an avid runner, but does not run well in the city. He is only good off leash chasing mtn bikes. Posted by Picasa

Our new puppy

Here is Coltrane, the newest addition to our house. We picked him up from the Baltimore SPCA on July 3, when he was just 2 months old. He had a few accidents on our carfully restored floors, but since then he has been very good. Crate training is amazing. I originally cringed at the idea of puting my dog in a cage, but he does not mind it much and it means that he does not have a chance to get into trouble. As far as we know he is a lab mix. He was found on the streets of Baltimore near Hampden. Posted by Picasa

Recycled Pot Rack

We built this piece out of an old bike wheel. The wheel came off of GT full suspension bike that I broke. The whole project cost around $15 from HomeDepot. There is one bolt that goes through the hub, and a coupling that links that to a bolt that is half metal threads and half wood threads. That's really about all that it takes. The pots hang off of simple stainless hooks attached to the rim and spokes.
To my knowledge this is a unique piece. I have not seen any evidence of similar pot racks being made. One person blogged about a bike wheel pot rack where the wheel was cut in half. Our design allows the hub to still function and the whole thing spins. So even if the pot you want is in the back, just spin it and it at your finger tips. Posted by Picasa

UPDATE: I have posted more detailed instructions.