Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Big Sur Half Marathon

This weekend Annie and I ran the Big Sur Half Marathon in Monterey. I was blow away the beauty of the area. We finished at 2:03. I was kind of hoping to break 2 hours, but not bad for a first time. We did not take any pictures so there is not much to show.

I would love to write more but it is late and I am diving in the morning.


I have a bit of time to update the post from LAX. The organizers put on a great event. There were a bunch of bands along the way to cheer us on. Ranging from a lone piano player, horn quartet, rock band, hippie drum group and the best was a taiko drum group. The taiko drums group was most of the way out along the beach. So you heard them twice, once right before the turn around and once right after the turn around.

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