Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fun in Dublin

I recently got to travel to Dublin for the VTC conference. I wrote about the technical aspects of the trip on ebiquity.

I planed to trip to coincide with the start of Jared's trip through Europe. Despited a cold, and hurt feet we managed to have fun on the emerald isle. My advice to other travelers is only spend a couple of days in Dublin. It is a fun town for a few drinks, but I found the countryside much nicer than the city.

I was amazed at how cosmopolitan Dublin is now. It is a very wealthy society now. Now that Dubliners can afford things other than potatoes and carrots, they are eating all sort of things. Almost every restaurant has a juice machine, and the Irish are mad about fresh juice and smoothies.


Unknown said...

Great set of pictures Sandor. You seem to have had a gala time.

Unknown said...

yeah, great pictures Sandor :)