Monday, August 08, 2005

Busy Workers, Lazy Posters

Just because we have not written in a while does not mean that we have not been busy at the house. A whole lot has changed. Where to start? We painted, we layed flooring, tiled, built cabinets and a whole lot more.

The painting was quick and made a huge difference. Keith came through with some cut out skills. Unfortunatley we were not really ready for his help and we still have a lot of cut out left to do at some point.

We tiled the bathrooms, the kitchen and the washer closet. Tiling the bathroom was difficult. Tiling on walls is tedious because you can only do a couple of rows a day. It now looks great and should last a long time. The shower is still not done, we have to pay someone to build glass doors. For now we are putting off that expense while we shower in the bathtub.

We tiled the kitchen with black tiles in a very complicated pattern. It looks great and it is almost impossible to identify the pattern in the floor. Talya came out and helped with this. She learned how to tile with us.

For the upstairs floor we went with cheap Ikea laminant flooring. It is really easy to work with and looks great. I was really suprised at how much lighter the house became with finished floors. The floors reflect so much light.

Tomorrow should be a huge day we are getting the appliances delivered. I am so excited. I can't wait to have a full size fridge. (We have being living with a mini.) Unfortunatley we will not be able to hook up the rest of the appliances until we get the counter top built. Hopefully that should not take too long. We are also getting measured for tomorrow. With a little bit of luck the new counter top could be delivered in a few weeks. At which point the plumbing for the house will be complete.

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