Monday, June 13, 2005

To Hang Drywall

Hanging drywall is a goal that we cannot seem to attain. It seemed so much simpler when we started this project. Now there are so many different things that must get hidden in the walls it is daunting. We are getting very close but I feel like I have been saying that for a long time. Every day we go to the house there is another large project to tackle and of course, we cannot hang drywall until that task is complete.

I know that there is a finite set of tasks that must be complete before drywall is hung. So if we continue to execute those tasks we should be able to hang drywall. It just seems that we discover things that need to be done faster than we can actually finish the other tasks. So the list of things that needs to be done seems to grow overtime rather than shrink.

Enough of my bitching. Over the last week we finished (almost) the V-channel. There are a few little spots that need to be leveled, but nothing too hard. We poured leveling compound in the kitchen. That is some really weird stuff. It has the consistency of milk when wet, and concrete when set. The stuff will seek level which is great if your surface is sealed. We had problems closing all of the holes in the floor. As a result we lost a significant of the leveler right through the floor. After quit a bit of messy frustration we have a floor that is almost level. Close enough for laying concrete board and tiles. The floor was off level by almost an inch in places!

We also started hanging cement board. All I can say is that I am glad that we are hiring drywallers. Just putting up a few small sheets is hard. We have not even started the taping and sanding. I don’t want to think of how long that will take.

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