Monday, June 27, 2005

Things are moving fast again. It is amazing what we can get done when Annie and I only have 20 hours a week of other commitments. Last Wednesday the windows finally came. When they did they broke one screen, but that is minor and we will get that sorted out. That afternoon and the following day we finished the last of the insulation. We even had enough left over to do the whole bedroom.

Then we started cleaning and emptying the house. According to the city we cannot live in the house until there are things like a smoke detector, heat, and a toilet. So before the inspector came we had to move all of our living stuff into storage. Since we did not have much it was a pretty quick process.

Friday we got our insulation inspection. I had hoped the inspector could verify we had fixed a problem between the plumber and electrician. Unfortunately the inspector just laughed at our solution and told we needed to call another inspector the next week. I talked to him today and he did not believe we had a good solution to the problem. I hope this can be solved soon.

The drywallers did start today. They decided to deliver the sheetrock by hand. I think the will start hanging today. I told them not to do the part around the problem pipes. I hope that we can get this problem resolved this week so they can close up all the walls. I am so happy to see what the house looks like with drywall.

We have a bunch of new pics, that I will publish soon.

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