Thursday, June 02, 2005

Parental Help

Well I have been very lazy about writing. Finals got to crazy to think about much else. I know I got one A, but that was from an easy class. I don’t know all of my grades, but I know that I did get one B. It means that I will have to retake at least one class if I want to get a PhD. I really did not think UMBC would be this hard.

The house was effectively put on hold during finals. We are still without drywall. There are a few little bits of framing left to do, but the main thing holding up the house is windows. We are waiting on Baltimore Window factory. They said they could make the windows in a little over a week. It is now 9 weeks later and we still don’t have our windows.

My parents came out over the weekend to help out. We were able to get a lot done. We finished almost all of the framing. We also installed insulation, and V-channel. V-channel is sheet metal formed into long pieces that have ‘V’ like profile. We installed the channel because our roof is too unusual to hang drywall on. The channel is up, but we now have the monumental task of trying to create a level, or a least flat surface. That is the task for next weekend.

We also started the construction of a trap door. We got a trap door cut and supports installed. The door has recycled old floor boards so it matches the rest of the house. We have not figured out the hard part which is how to hinge it. We are trying to find the system that would make it very easy to access and hardly shows from above. We have discussed different hinges, wheels, tracks, springs, hydraulic lifts and all sorts of other things. I don’t know how much time we will spend on the hinges right away. There are so many other things, it might just have to wait.

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