Thursday, May 12, 2005

Annie's Thoughts

Well as some of you know I'm not much of a blog fan but since no one is really reading this anymore, I'm going to use it as a therapeutic release. We are living in our house now which is crazy and dusty but sort of romantic. My last blog I said "this has been an experience I hope never to forget" as if I could possibly forget this experience. The hardest part of all of this work is the sub-contractors. They are all trying to do the least amount of work and pass the buck on someone else. I have such a hard time understanding a field of work that is so dishonest. In my line of work if I make a mess I clean it up, it's just that simple. Anyway, I guess that dishonesty is just becoming part of the American way, from our politicians to our sub-contractors. On a good note, the house is really coming together and hopefully we will have drywall within the month.

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Beth and Brian Morrison said...

this is so much fun... I can't think of anything more fun than dealing with sub-contractors and wasting money for poor quality work !! the world is a wonderful place !