Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Helping Hands

We started the weekend by taking down a chimney on Friday. It was very messy work; think about being a chimney sweep. It was also very heavy work. We had to haul a lot of bricks out of the house, along with a lot of mortar. We were originally afraid to take it down, but our neighbor Frank said he did it with no problem, so we followed his lead. We are all very happy that we did. It was taking up about 2 square feet upstairs and down. Not much but it is significant to us.

On Saturday we got lucky. A friend of ours Joe who is training to take over his step-dads construction company came over and gave us a hand. His help was very useful. We got a lot of work knocked out with his help. He gave us some hints on how to work efficiently, but most of the help was just the fact that he was there. We stopped working when we ran out of lumber. Annie and I ran out and bought another 80 studs so we had something to do on Sunday.

Sunday we got some help too. Meekins came by and lent a hand for a while. Even though he is not a pro, he was very helpful. After a hard weekend we have basically finished framing the upstairs! We have not framed around the windows yet, but we have to wait for the windows to come in to do that. Four more walls downstairs and that too will be all framed. Woot!

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