Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Starting the Construction

This weekend we started the construction. There was no definite end to the demolition. In fact there is still more to do. Basically we got to the point that almost the entire demo was done and we were ready to do the construction.

After creating 13 floor plans with two bedrooms and two baths upstairs we decided to scrap all that and start with a new idea all together. Two bed 2 bath is what almost everybody does here. We are going to make a loft space out of the house. With the skylight and no walls there is very good light in the house. We are going to try to keep that. We are going to put one large bathroom upstairs and a half bath upstairs. There will be no walls separating the bedrooms. It will be a very unconventional space. We will build in such a way that it could easily be converted into a convention 2 bedroom house.

As for the actual work being done… We got one very high bid for framing, so we decided to embark on it our selves. There were two main tasks we are working on now. One is fixing the sag in the second story floor. This involved jacking up the floor and then securing a new joist in place. This was rather hard work because it involved bending 2x6 joists and moving the entire upstairs. This task is almost complete.

The second is laying a new sub-floor upstairs. We decided to lay 1/2" plywood on the second floor. The original wood flooring is in bad shape. It has lots of holes and it has a lot of give to it. This is fairly easy work. Cut the 4x8 sheets down to fit the joists, then glue, nail and screw them into place. This also is mostly done. We need to finish fixing the sag before we can finish laying the sub-floor.

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