Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Learning To Frame

We really started the construction this weekend. We started with framing the upstairs bathroom. We decided to follow the slanted roof line for the ceiling. This made all of the construction much harder. Only some of the measurements were square. Annie and I worked all day on Saturday to complete one wall. We would build the wall erect it and find some problem. Drop the wall try to rectify the problem and start over. I don’t know how many times we tried to put up the wall before it was good.

On Sunday we had more luck. We also had David’s help to guide us. We got almost 3 walls built. It also helped that we worked out some of the bugs of building a slanted wall. We were not able to finish the wall however because we underestimated how much lumber we would use. We started with 42 studs. The next time I will get twice as many at least. We have done a lot of the framing, but there is still a lot to do.

With a little bit of luck we might be able to have most of the framing done by next week. Perhaps even get the plumbers, electricians and HVAC in by next week.

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