Monday, January 24, 2005

Tub On Belay

Yesterday was a big day. Jared came over and helped move some big stuff. There were two main things to move, the stairs and the old tub.

First we moved the tub. Annie and Jared were in favor of smashing the tub and bringing it down in pieces. I convinced them that a belay system could make the job reasonable. I set up a simple belay with some cheap hardware. Annie worked the belay and Jared and I hauled the tub. The belay system put most of the weight onto the house, not us.

The second big item was the stairs. We removed the old stairs so that we can move them into a different place. We will get new stairs in a little while, but we needed to move these so we could frame the upstairs. The stairs took less gadgetry. We supported the stairs on a jack, then cut them free. To our suprise they were supported much better than we thought. Several times we cut them free only to watch them continue to hold on. When we finally cut them free we lowered the stairs down with no rope assist.

Today I am going to the dump on my lunch break. Our backyard has turned into a lumberyard. We continue to pull more and more stuff out of this house. The demolition is very close to done, but I know there will still be more to come.

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